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Answer:  Even if you rarely use your fireplace it can suffer damage from wildlife and the elements and an annual inspection is vital to its safe operation.  The National Fire Protection Association recommends that chimneys, fireplaces and vents be inspected once per year.  

Frequently Asked Questions:
Question:  How often should my chimney be cleaned?
Question:  Is my stove eligible for a tax credit?

Answer: Credits may be available for your stove.  The amount of credit will depend on your tax situation and the product chosen but we can help you assess the availability of any federal or local funds.  

Question:  Can I heat my entire home with a stove?

Answer:  Absolutely.  Your stove or insert can provide 100% of your home’s heating needs or serve as supplemental heat to reduce ever-rising utility bills.  A home assessment will be necessary to determine the insert or stove size necessary to serve your needs.  

Question:  Do you provide stoves for outdoor living?

Answer:  Yes.  Our new line of pellet smokers are a delicious and easy way to move your cooking outdoors.  Or our masonry experts can create an outdoor fireplace complete with stone or brick chimney.  

Question:  Why buy locally instead of the web?

Answer:  Only a local expert can assess your needs and match them to the right stove or insert.  Installation, service and professional advice are all much easier to obtain locally at prices no higher than you would pay on the web.